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Holiday Camp About

The Don Bosco Holiday Camps have been running at Safety Beach for over 70 years. The holiday camps are conducted for young people age 9-16 years during the summer, winter and Easter school holidays.

The camps are split into Junior (9-13 year olds) and Senior camps (13-16 year olds). An average camp will have 50-60 campers led by 20-25 volunteer youth leaders and assisted by camp staff.

The 4-5 day camps consist of a wide range of introductory, teambuilding activities to ensure that every camper feels welcomed and included. All activities are invented, planned and facilitated by the volunteer leaders to provide the campers the traditional, authentic camp experience away from life’s everyday distractions.

In the words of the campers...

'An amazing and fulsome experience that you will certainly take something good out of!'

- Daniel Hart, camper

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