Don Bosco Camp Holiday Program

Holiday Program

The Don Bosco Camp Holiday Programs have been running at Safety Beach for over 70 years.

The holiday program consists of three types of camps:

Summer Camps

Three camps run during the January School Holidays for young people 9-16 years old

Winter Camps

Two camps run during the June/July School Holidays for young people 9-16 years old

Leadership Camp

Leadership program run the first week of December for young people 17 years and old

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In the words of the campers...

'Don Bosco Camp is home to some of the best memories that I have ever made. There is never a dull day at Don Bosco, the atmosphere there is so lively and fun with the amazing leaders who are so caring and full of character. The days are full of exciting and fun activities where we can all get involved and meet heaps of new people. I am so privileged to have experienced the extraordinary sense of community at Don Bosco where I have built many lifelong friendships.'

-Stephanie Prigg, camper

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